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Photography of Alvaro Montoro being a doofus
Alvaro Montoro

CSS Wizard

This is how much Jeff Bezzos made while you read this post.

Bezos' Calculator

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Some developers use their weekends to develop cool and grandiose projects to learn new technologies and to double down as second (or third) sources of income... instead, I used this past weekend, to develop a small and silly project.

I developed a web page that calculates how much money Jeff Bezos makes while you read it: Bezos' Calculator.

It is a mixture of tongue in cheek and social criticism (bubbles pop up with milestones comparing it to other salaries and goods.) The numbers are based on these articles by Bloomberg and BuzzFeed, which calculate Jeff Bezos' gains increase by $3,605 every second.

Initially, the counter was animated like this:

But that animation does not work on Safari, so I opted for going with the non-animated version... for now. I will figure out another animation and replace it.

One fun thing about the project is how equally it distributed it is:

Screenshot of Github showing the project languages distribution: CSS is at 34.9%, JavaScript is at 32.8%, and HTML is at 32.3%

It is a tiny thing (just one page), so it makes sense that the percentages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are more or less proportional. It's just the first time I see it like that. Normally one of the languages would dominate the project.

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