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Photography of Alvaro Montoro being a doofus
Alvaro Montoro

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Projects and Demos


I like HTML and CSS. Like really like them. And I like testing and experimenting with properties in weird ways: drawing illustrations, creating games, coming up with different designs...

Here are some of the illustrations I've done with HTML and CSS: Skip drawings list

CSS Cartoon of person CSS Cartoon of peasant CSS Cartoon of person (2) CSS Cartoon of Santa Claus CSS Cartoon of snow man CSS Cartoon of thanksgiving turkey CSS Cartoon of giraffe CSS Cartoon of Bill Cipher CSS Cartoon of woman CSS Cartoon of Punchline CSS Cartoon of Woman (2) CSS Cartoon of woman dreaming CSS Cartoon of a castle CSS Cartoon of beaver CSS Cartoon of la muerte CSS Cartoon of king and fly CSS Cartoon of witch CSS Cartoon of butterfly CSS Cartoon of little death CSS Cartoon of boat CSS Cartoon of boy CSS Cartoon of nerdy boy CSS Cartoon of bart simpson CSS Cartoon of a nun CSS Cartoon of spooky CSS Cartoon of dracula CSS Cartoon of monster CSS Cartoon of sideshow bob CSS Cartoon of profile CSS Cartoon of the good egg CSS Cartoon of soccer CSS Cartoon of beach CSS Cartoon of whale CSS Cartoon of profile girl CSS Cartoon of castle CSS Cartoon of red robin CSS Cartoon of anime CSS Cartoon of Messi CSS Cartoon of hummingbird CSS Cartoon of woman

You can see hundreds more CSS drawings on this CodePen collection.

I often share demos and small snippets online, like a Word cloud, or an Animated Login Form. Sometimes I share small components like this Interactive Dropdown or a whole "CSS library": Almond.CSS.

As mentioned above, I also build games and apps with CSS. Their base is a simple automaton developed with HTML and CSS, so there's no need for JavaScript or any other programming language. They are fun to develop, and can be great for learning.

CSS Games


JavaScript is one of my favorite programming languages, and I develop many things in it... mainly for work at the moment, but also many for fun or just for learning. Here are some personal projects developed with JavaScript:

  • illustration of a game controller


    A JavaScript library to handle gamepads connected to the browser. It provides a layer of abstraction for the Gamepad API so it works across browsers.

    GameControllerJS Github Repository

    Gamepad Simulator

    A JS library that complements GameController.JS. It generates an in-browser digital gamepad that will simulate the Gamepad API events as if it was a real gamepad connected to the computer.

    GamepadSimulator Github Repository

  • Screenshot of TourGuideJS


    A module that helps create onboarding tutorials on web apps. It sets a spotlight that moves from element to element changing size and shape.

    TourGuide Github Repository

  • screenshot of imagecloud plugin in action


    A jQuery plugin that simulates the Google Doodle for Christmas 2010. It creates an animated gallery of images that can be customized by the user.

    ImageCloud Docsite


Sometimes I get to develop some "larger" projects outside of work. They mostly involve web technologies, PHP, and MySQL for the database, and have some form of fun factor. One example would be this site, but there are many more.

Here is a summary of some of the projects that I have developed recently:

Summary of full-stack projects

screenshot of Textivities


Textivities is an e-learning platform focused on language teachers and students. I collaborate with different teachers developing Web mini-apps and mini-games, so I decided to put many of them under one Web site so the students could have easy access to them.

It is fun to develop this site, not only I get to draw everything and test different styles, but I also get to program game-like activities that help people learn new languages (Spanish in particular), and at the same I can experiment with different technologies.

Technologies used:
php html css javascript mysql jquery