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Alvaro Montoro

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Hi! I am actor Troy McClure. You may remember me from The Simpsons on CSS

The Simpsons in CSS

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This post is going to be a little bit of showing off (sorry). It is a personal project that I did over 2 years ago -before joining DEV-, and that CSS {IRL} reminded me about today.

It is a collection of drawings of The Simpsons characters done in CSS. I learned a lot coding them, and I've learned even more since... so I'm scared of looking at my own code now.

Here are some of the drawings (there are 10 in total):

Bart Simpson

This was the first one I did for a CodePen challenge with the colors red, blue, and yellow, which reminded me of Bart.

Homer Simpson

Lisa Simpson

Marge Simpson


Probably my favorite.

Sideshow Bob

From this one, I really like that the whole hair is a single element... with a ton of box-shadow.

Homer Simpson with circles

This one was also for a CodePen challenge, and I even wrote an article on DEV explaining how it was done. But it is cooler to see it on this animation.

I also have a drawing of Troy McClure (you may remember him from that CSS drawing) and Itchy & Scratchy.

If you liked these CSS drawings, don't miss the CSS illustrations I did last year as part of a 100-day challenge!

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