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Five websites to practice your coding skills

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Completing coding challenges is a great way to learn. They also help with many skills needed to become a better developer and get better results at job interviews.

While completing coding challenges online, you will:

  • Learn new algorithms and ways to code.
  • Get better at problem-solving.
  • Identify coding patterns.
  • Spice up the learning process.
  • Get used to working with online IDEs.

With the pandemic, online interviews with small coding challenges are the norm. Being acquainted with this type of problem and with online code editors will remove part of the interview's complexity (and stress).

Here is a list of websites with coding challenges that would be great for candidates to practice on. In no specific order:


This site has a diverse combination of problems in many languages. It provides performance information and has a powerful and straightforward IDE.


Similar to Codewars, this site has ~1700 problems to solve categorized by difficulty that can be solved with many different languages. I have used it for practicing interviewing in the past, and it's great.


It has a combination of algorithms and practical problems. For web development, it uses CodeSandBox as the editor, which is really convenient as it is the tool we use at interviews at our company.


It has algorithms and practical problems. It has back-end and front-end (and seems more based on the back-end), but it could still be useful for web dev training.


This one has many practical problems for different levels. It offers mentor code reviews (you'd need to sign up for one of their plans), and candidates need to install an app from the site to run/test the solutions... which is a bit annoying.

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