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Photography of Alvaro Montoro being a doofus
Alvaro Montoro

Spanish Longhorn

La Muerte, by Alvaro Montoro

Drawing La Muerte with CSS and HTML

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This past weekend was Halloween and Día de Muertos, and we spent some time at home watching themed movies. One of them was The Book of Life, which tells a story of the Day of the Dead (or Día de Los Muertos).

In the end credits, there's an illustration of one of the characters (La Muerte/La Catrina) that I really liked, so I tried to come up with a similar looking drawing and ended up with this:

This illustration took me a little longer than usual (around 2 hours) because I had some issues figuring out some of the shadows and gradients... and it is not exactly as I wanted. Still, I'm happy with the result in general.

Also, I kind of regret using the vw unit instead of vmin because the drawing gets cut in bigger screens, and it looks a bit weird.

As with the other illustrations I've shared before, here it is a 20x video on Youtube on how it was done:

If you want a shorter version, here's a 1-minute version of the video above, showing the whole process.

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