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100 Days of CSS Illustrations (71-80)

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Here are the 10 illustrations/drawings I did in the past 10 days. Click on the image to see the full illustration with the code, and click here to see a CodePen collection with all of the drawings plus some variations.

Day 71: Dracula

This animated Dracula will follow the mouse around the screen (without JS) thanks to a grid of elements. You can watch a video on how it was developed here.

Cartoon of Dracula smiling

Day 72: Silhouette

This silhouette is interesting because it was drawn using only circles. Watch a video of how it was drawn (including two variants).

A person's profile looking to the left

Day 73: Gnome

A sad gnome.

A sad-looking gnome with a hat and small boots

Day 74: Nerdy boy

I started making a cartoon of a boy, but when I started with the body I decided to add the "Vote for Pedro" message... but more than a caricature of Napoleon Dynamite, this would be a boy dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite. Visit my Youtube channel to watch a video of how it was coded.

Cartoon of a ginger boy with curly hair, big glasses, and a t-shirt that reads "Vote for Pedro"

Day 75: Joke

A (non-original) terrible dad joke playing with the meaning of the word "soy" in Spanish and English. I made a different initial version, but I like this one better... and a video of how it was coded.

Cartoon with a stick of butter and a carton of soy milk. The stick of butter says "Hi, Soy Milk!" and the carton of soy milk replies "No, tú eres Mantequilla"

Day 76: The Good Egg

Based on the character The Good Egg by Jory John and Pete Oswald. One of my daughter's favorite books at the moment.

Cartoon of a smiling egg with arms and legs, wearing glasses

Day 77: Soccer

A new cartoon from scratch. I like the dynamism of it with the kid running... and here is a video of how it was done.

Cartoon of a kid running with a soccer ball

Day 78: Cartoon

A cartoon resembling the Animaniacs a little (but not that much really). I was running out of time for today's cartoon and was tired, and the result is obviously not great... again, tomorrow will be better.

A cartoon that looks like a dog "humanoid" dog wearing pants and a shirt

Day 79: Spooky

This single element illustration was inspired by "Spooky" by Jack Moran on Dribbble.

The word spooky with additional lines around the O's so they look like a skull

Day 80: Nun

Another cartoon from scratch. I literally didn't know what to draw this day, just that I wanted it to be something with big eyes after seeing one of the LOL-cartoons... And the recording on how it was done.

Cartoon of a nun wearing a black and white habit, and with a cross

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