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Photography of Alvaro Montoro being a doofus
Alvaro Montoro

CSS Games Developer

Rocking the Gamepad API

I'm hosting a workshop at CodeLand:Distributed

codeland watercooler conference

A few months back, I submitted a couple of workshop ideas for the Codeland conference. Since then, the world has changed quite a bit, the conference moved online... and one of the ideas got picked!

This will be the first time that I speak or host a workshop at a conference, and I am excited –and nervous– beyond belief. (Please, share any tips you may have!)

The title of the workshop is "Rocking the Gamepad API" and it is aimed at people who do web development and like exploring different web technologies (no gaming experience is required.)

We will:

  • Talk about Web APIs
  • Learn the basics of the Gamepad API
  • Explain how to use it
  • Explore extensions and the future of the API
  • Build a small game with HTML and JS

It won't be too advanced, but some JavaScript knowledge is required. Also, some type of game controller that can be connected to the computer will be necessary to follow along.

I look forward to meeting you at CodeLand! Whether in the talks, this workshop, or in any of the other amazing workshops that are available.

The conference is on July 23 and 24, with free talks on the 23rd and many workshops on the 24th. The talks are free and the workshops are $25. Register today, spots are limited!

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