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Alvaro Montoro

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How do you work with kids at home?

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Hello, my name is Alvaro, and I am part of a little family with two parents (one of them myself) and two little kids.

Like many other people, we have been at home as our offices and schools closed due to coronavirus... but with both parents working, the situation got a bit complicated: when only one of us has a meeting, the other one can look after the kids; but when we both have meetings at the same time, things get difficult.

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Working from home while schools are closed

So far, we handled it as we could, but as the WFH continues, we are getting more and more meetings, which overlap between both parents, and the time to take care of the kids has been considerably reduced.

We don't want to have the kids watching TV/Netflix all that time, drawing/painting/playing keep them entertained for a little while, and activities like ABC Mouse/PBS Kids apps sound cool but also include screen use (which doesn't seem ideal and brings a guiltiness feeling).

Plus we don't want to have them unattended because they are kids old enough to do a lot of things, but not old enough to know better... which is driving us a bit nuts sometimes.

How do other parents in a similar situation handle it? Do you have any suggestions or tips?

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