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Web Accessibility with CSS

a11y css

CSS is often seen as a language only related to visualization and presentation –to the point that many developers don't even consider it a programming language– ...but CSS is more than just making things look nice, and it can play an essential role when defining Web Accessibility.

Some people may say "Duh! Ensuring color contrast is done with CSS and it is the top a11y issue according to WebAIM"... and they will be correct, but there's much more to CSS and a11y than just color contrast or font size/readability:

  • Styles for printing
  • Easier to follow tables
  • Accessibility-related media queries
  • Focus outlines
  • Video accessibility

In this series, we will highlight different techniques that can be done in CSS to build more accessible websites. Some of them you might be doing already, and some may be new to the general audience.

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