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The WebAIM Million 2020

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WebAIM published its annual accessibility analysis of the top 1,000,000 home pages a couple of days ago. This is an automated analysis of the home pages for the one million most visited pages on the Internet.

Last year's report drove me to write my first article on DEV: Fix 85% of your Web Accessibility issues in 5 easy steps.

And the results this year are... pretty similar to last year's. Actually, the numbers are even getting worse:

  • The percentage of pages with errors is up
  • The average number of errors per page is up
  • The number of errors on pages using JS frameworks and libraries is up
  • The top 5 errors are still the same (and in similar percentages)
  • Sites are still using <marquee> and <blink> :O

But not all of it is negative, there are some silver linings and positive things:

  • The size and complexity of home pages went up (+10%) but the number of errors didn't grow proportionally (+2%)
  • ...which means: error density is down (1 in every 14 elements)
  • CMS's are averaging fewer errors (in general)
  • The number of sites still using <marquee> and <blink> is down :)

I will write a more in-depth post in the following days, but I highly recommend everyone to check the report and analyze your websites!

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